Carrie Lynwood have moved into a small furnished house. Her main goal is to create a sustainable food business by selling fish and honey. She is also looking for love, and maybe one day some kids.


After settling into her new house, Carrie bought a small patch of land with her money she had leftover from the house purchase.

Once I opened the food store “Carrie’s Food”  it started out okay, however, today having been open for about a week or so I was going over my finances, then I figured out that the fish was selling for less than anticipated, even though the quality was superb…


Customers seemed happy though, as most days! Even crazy eyed Linda (as seen in the door window) bought several fishes after eavesdropping on my sale conversation with this older gentleman.


In light of this, I decided to stop selling fish and sell homemade cupcakes instead as well as homemade honey.


After a long day only earning §284, I finally decided to go home and go to sleep, as the day was setting..ZzZzZzZZZzzzz


In the morning the guy I am seeing casually came by, his name is Seiji! – I really like him, but it seems like he wants to take things slow…


After we talked for a bit we decided to have a nice time in my bedroom…..



  • Little did they know that Carrie became pregnant….

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