Yesterday, again, Carrie did not earn as mush as she hoped to. So today she really needed to gather some more honey of execellent quality, which hopefully would boost her business.


I went outside to gather some honey before going to work. Then I purchased a crib since I was due any day now. I didn’t have the money to expand my house to give my baby its own bedroom, so he or she had to stay in my bedroom for the time being.

I couldn’t wait to give my room a real makeover, or the whole house for that matter. Anyhow, at least my baby has its own crib now.


I was about to leave for work when I went into labour.. I was in agony, so I was very relieved when baby Karla was born.. Little did I know, I was not finished yet.


To my surprise, there was another baby on the way, I was having twins!!, and not long after baby Caroline was born.


I was so happy, but also shocked that I just had given birth to twins. I REALLY needed more money now, how could I afford everything? Not only did I have to buy things for one baby, I now had to buy two of everything.

As soon as I regained some strength I called the babysitter and went fishing, thinking that I would try to sell fish once more in hope of making some extra cash.


After fishing for what seemed as forever I finally caught a salmon and I was ecstatic!


I hurried back to my store, but to my surprise the salmon was sold for half the price of its worth. I went home dissapointed and decided that I would from now on only focus on selling my cupcakes, honey and bakegoods.

The babies were asleep when I got home, and the babysitter was watching TV, so I just had some leftovers before he left and then I went to bed thinking about how I could provide for my family.




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