Right, in the previous post I said that I might start playing a ‘challenge’ game. So I started searching for one that I might find interesting and that I won’t get bored with playing.

At last, I finally found one that I will go for, which is the “Starving Artist to Superstar Challenge” by Tina Loves Sims.

I’ve been thinking of maybe doing a let’s play with this challenge, using YouTube. But I’m not entirely sure yet. I’m basically scared that it will suck. Anyhow, I’ll get back to you on that, once I have decided what to do.

Starving Artist to Superstar Challenge


  • Reach level 10 of all instruments; piano, guitar, and violin
  • Reach Level 10 of the Entertainer Career Music Branch
  • Publish/License at least three songs with each instrument.
  • Save at least $75,000 to be able to build a fabulous house.
  • Complete the Musical Genius Asparation.
  • Optional: complete the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration after completing Musical Genius Aspiration


Have you played any challenges? Any recommendations? 🙂

– Thea


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