Like I said in my last post, I cannot wait until the new EP is coming out, which only 2 days from now! YAY. 

But in the meanwhile, there is some exciting news which will make the wait shorter. I read the latest patch notes for The Sims and I had to update my game immediately.

In the newest update, they have added so many new things, like terrain tools and first-person camera view. I have waited for terrain tools for a long while, so I am super happy and so excited to get cracking on a new build. The first person camera view seems interesting, but I definitely need to try it before I can say anything about it. 

What I am most excited about with this update is the Style influencer career. There are not many careers to choose from in The Sims, so it was about time a new one was added. In this day and age there are a lot of influencers, so a career like this really fits our time. 

The update is installed and I have created my new sim, I can now finally play the game. I will let you know what I think after some game time. 

If you want you can read the patch notes here.



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