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The Lynwood family part 3.

Yesterday, again, Carrie did not earn as mush as she hoped to. So today she really needed to gather some more honey of execellent quality, which hopefully would boost her business. I went outside to gather some honey before going to work. Then I purchased a crib since I was due any day now. I didn’t have the money to expand my house to … Read More The Lynwood family part 3.


The Lynwood family part 2.

The day after Carries and Seijis bedroom fun, it turned out that she was pregnant, and she was happy about it but also a bit surprised. Today I found out that I was pregnant, I knew I had to tell Seiji ASAP, he had different reactions to it though, but overall it seemed like he was happy with the situation. Even though he was … Read More The Lynwood family part 2.


The Lynwood family part 1.

Carrie Lynwood have moved into a small furnished house. Her main goal is to create a sustainable food business by selling fish and honey. She is also looking for love, and maybe one day some kids. After settling into her new house, Carrie bought a small patch of land with her money she had leftover from the house purchase. Once I opened the food … Read More The Lynwood family part 1.