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A Let’s Play Challenge

I finally decided to play a challenge, which will be an ongoing Let’s Play on YouTube! The challenge is……….. Ugly to Beauty Challenge! This challenge has been played many times and probably in many different ways. Anyhow, I’ll be playing a sort of rags to riches ugly to beauty challenge, using my own rules and hopefully, it will be a lot of fun 🙂 … Read More A Let’s Play Challenge


My First Video

So, I decided to start recording videos for my YouTube Channel, and my first video is a speed build of a tiny house 5×5! I have seen this challenge a few times before and wanted to try it for myself. Obviously, I made sure that the house was playable 🙂 The YouTube video can be seen here and downloaded here if you want to! – Thea


Style Influencer Career

Like I said in my last post, I cannot wait until the new EP is coming out, which only 2 days from now! YAY.  But in the meanwhile, there is some exciting news which will make the wait shorter. I read the latest patch notes for The Sims and I had to update my game immediately. In the newest update, they have added so … Read More Style Influencer Career